VPN for Pandora

Jun 2024

Pandora Music opens the whole world of music, tailored just for you. Unlock your personally crafted playlist today with a VPN for Pandora. Hours of music on your mobile device or computer — right at your fingertips!

  • Enjoy thousands of songs online
  • Unlock a playlist tailored to your taste
  • Get a high-quality sound right at your device
VPN for Pandora
  • NordVPN


    • Ideal for streaming movies and TV
    • Double data encryption
    • 6 devices simultaneously
  • $11.95 / m $5.75 / y

  • ExpressVPN
    • 15-month deal exclusive - $99.95
    • 30-day money-back guarantee
    • Easy-to-use and ultra fast apps
  • $12.95 / m $6.67 / y

  • Ivacy VPN
    • 7-day money-back guarantee
    • Unlimited bandwidth
    • Rock-solid security encryption
  • $8.95 / m $2.04 / 2y

  • PureVPN
    • 7-day money-back guarantee
    • Dedicated IP option
    • Excellent 2-year deal
  • $10.95 / m $3.95 / 2y

  • VyperVPN
    • 24x7x365 support team
    • Zero restrictions & no logs
    • Over 1,000,000 users
  • $9.95 / m $5.00 / y

  • Hotspot Shield
  • $12.95 / m $5.99 / y

Pandora is a popular music streaming service based on skips, likes, and dislikes, which means that you get to listen to the music catered just for you. Unfortunately, it’s available only in the US, Australia, and New Zealand. Thanks to VPN, you can bypass these restrictions and enjoy music no matter where you are.

VPN for Pandora: What to Check?

A VPN provides you with access to Pandora by masking your IP address with a server’s IP address in a chosen location. In this case, the service won’t “recognize” that you’re using it outside countries where it operates, and you will get access to music no matter where you are as long as you are connected to a VPN service. To ensure reliable streaming, you need to pick a trusted provider. Here’s what you may want to look for while choosing one:

VPN for Pandora

  1. A global server coverage with multiple servers in the US, Australia, and New Zealand
  2. A wide range of available IPs
  3. Ultimate security and encryption
  4. Zero logs policy
  5. Speed and reliability

Keep in mind that a VPN you’re going to choose should offer a high speed coupled with safety and protection. The price should also be reasonable so that you get an excellent service for an excellent value.

What Are The Best VPNs for Pandora?

Pandora has fans around the world, and they look for reliable access to their favorite music streaming app. Here’s why many VPN providers try to win users by offering access to Pandora. You may want to start with trusted VPNs and decide which one of them is the best for you.

Here’s a list of providers you may want to check out.


ExpressVPN for PandoraExpressVPN is one of the leading providers on the market. The service boasts a vast number of servers around the world, including servers in the US, Australia, and New Zealand. The speed is impressive, so you don’t need to worry about the quality of streaming. Military-Grade encryption is a huge plus. The price can seem high, but overall ExpressVPN deserves it. Read review


NordVPN for PandoraNordVPN is a great option for those equally concerned with security and speed. The provider makes access to Pandora easy. The apps are user-friendly and available for different platforms so that you can enjoy Pandora on various devices. Servers are located around the world, and you can find available servers in the US, Australia, and New Zealand in no time. The price for all this is quite good so that NordVPN can be your top choice.


CyberGhost for PandoraCyberGhost is a reliable choice for those who want decent speed, secure access to Pandora, and a user-friendly app. The provider guarantees an enjoyable experience overall while offering top-notch security and anonymity for every user. Top this with a bunch of additional features an attractive price, and you get a quite lovely offer here. More about CyberGhost


PrivateVPN for PandoraPrivateVPN allows P2P usage and provides users with excellent speed. The server coverage is quite decent, and the protection is also reliable. You can use PrivateVPN on any device you have, and the apps are user-friendly and easy to configure. The beautiful thing that the price is also good, which means that you get great value for money. More details


ProtonVPN for PandoraProtonVPN is built to provide users with security and speed. It’s a great option for those concerned with privacy and high-quality streaming. Up to 10 simultaneous connections make sure that you can listen to Pandora on any device you have. The server coverage is also excellent. The best thing is that ProtonVPN has a free version that is a little bit slower but gives an overview of available features and quality of VPN service. Visit Site

The Bottom Line

Pandora is a popular music streaming service with many fans around the world. To get access to Pandora, you may want to explore available VPN services and find one that suits your needs best. Pick a right VPN and enjoy hand-picked music wherever you are.

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